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DC Athletics Multigym M800 – Home Gym


The DC Athletics Multigym M800 – Home Gym is rightfully one of the most popular strength stations ever. This American design offers everything you expect from a strength station. Beautiful finish, bearings, heavy weights block, …

All basic exercises can be performed smoothly and generously on the base frame:
chestpress, legcurl, butterfly, latpulley, ab crunch, bicepscurl, cable cross, pec dec etc…

The sleek and compact design makes this M800 complete. As if the M600 was not enough, a powertower has been added. Ideal for training abdominal muscles! All joints are ball bearing and the steel frame has 3 layers of lacquer. With this multifunctional power station you can train all desired muscle groups intensively, without leaving your home. This power station is fully adjustable and can be set for certain heights, body builds or desired exercises.


  • Weight135 kg
  • Size180 × 170 × 207 cm
  • Width170
  • Length180
  • Height (cm)207
  • User weight135